Favorite Spring Training Tweets

The world has been taken over by Facebook and Twitter. I thought it would be fun to do a few searches about baseball, the Cubs, etc. I realized what joy Spring Training brings to Americans. Here are a few of my favorites. I do not know or endorse any of these twitter accounts. Just thought they were interesting.

@NickJonas: Had an amazing time at spring training with the Dodgers and my boy @johnlloydtaylor Definitely a dream come true

@BlindGamerMan: I cant believe it’s almost baseball season. Spring training has already started!!!

@nyfaninsjersey: @SurfingTheMets Why do they have to make this up? It’s only spring training.

@GerbLives1012: “I know spring training results don’t matter, but they do matter when you give up eight runs to the Pirates.” – CC Sabathia, a Yankee

@thenoiboi: hey, dodgers, stop losing. i know it’s only spring training, but… you know.

@yoda60422: spring training!!!!!!!

@Bobwhitmire: Catch a spring training game? Sure, why not.

@tmojay: Cubs Win X2


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