From The Archives: Memories of First Trip to Wrigley Field


I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was at the airport about to get on a plane headed for Chicago Midway.  The tickets had been bought and the hotel room reserved for what was to be three of the most exciting days of my life.  A life long Cubs fan was heading to the place I had always dreamed of going for a game.  No more just television.  I would be able to tell my grandchildren about the day I saw the Cubs play at Wrigley Field.  (Sad, I have never had children).  So, my friends have to hear the stories over and over.  June 24th at Wrigley.  I was prepared with all the logo gear.  I noticed something funny on the train.  Folks were in long sleeves and carrying jackets.  I soon found out what the wind off the water could do to a newbie at Wrigley.  I would walk down in the sun just to warm up.  Still, I loved every minute of it.  I have been to Wrigley many times since but the first time will always be my favorite.


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