The Importance Of Sports After A Tragedy

April 19, 2013

May we never get used to tragedy: explosions, suspicious packages, acts of terrorism, attacks on where we live and attacks on who we are. America is a mighty nation and the eyes of the world are always upon us. The desire of most in the world is to come to America. The desire of some in the world is to destroy America. Yet, attack after attack we always bounce back. We become more determined and resilient. Resilient has two meanings. One: to recover quickly from difficult conditions. Two: to recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed. I like the second definition. Americans may bend but we will not break.

I believe sports play a major role in our ability to bounce back so quickly. Before anyone objects, this blog is about sports. I also believe in family, faith, friendship, and patriotism. All of these make this country great and a great people makes this country strong. Even though we are from different walks of life, sports enables us to find a common ground. (Defeating the enemy is also common ground). I live in Kentucky but have an affinity with and connection to Cubs fans all over the country. Through Facebook and Twitter, we share joys, triumphs, sorrows, and tragedies. We can be there for one another and we have never met in person. In times of tragedy, we can even show support to the fans of the teams we cheer against. Our common ground: sports. Read the rest of this entry »